D.D. Trans

The name D.D. Trans is a pseudonym which Frank Tuytschaever took from a now defunct transport company. His debut was a group exhibition put together by Dirk Snauwaert in 1990 at CC Gildhof in Tielt. In 2005 he gave up being an artist but in 2014 he prepared his come-back.
The artist’s work is about transformation: day-to-day, often domestic objects are taken out of their framework and, after a small alteration, are being turned into works of art. The result is formal, poetic or funny at times. Usually it concerns minimalistic changes. A rubber door protector in the centre of an empty gallery becomes a stumbling block, metal meat hooks form a heart, or a hat stand is made of clothes hangers. The artist finds inspiration in DIY stores. His vocabulary comprises kitchen paper, scrubbing brushes and squeegees. He does not break radically with his past but picks up where he left off. Some ideas return after all those years but have been worked out in more detail.

– Sam Steverlinck –